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Worldwide visualization of Geolocations:

  • The WORLDVIEW TOOLS can display any places around the world.
  • There are 3D images and 2D maps in a variety of sizes and resolutions.
  • The points are marked as symbols. Moreover when you drive over a symbol with the mouse additional information to the location appears in an infobox.
  • The plugin is programmed in Flash and can be installed on every website and viewed with any browser (with built-in Flash plug-in).
  • The WORLDVIEW is a ideal TOOLS for the visualization of webstatistics like awstats or logfiles. In principle, however, any data source can be displayed.
  • The WORLDVIEW TOOLS work like Google Earth and Google Maps.
  • There are satellite images with a resolution up to 43'000x21'500 pixels available. Image source: NASA.
  • For the processing of data, PHP scripts are used.


Demo application:

  • Show the visitors of this website.
    Realtime visualization of our visitors locations.
    The logfiles of the server are evaluated permanently by a PHP script. The sites are located based on their IP addresses. This happens with the freely available database GeoIP of, GeoLite City.
  • Display your own location:
    Get your current IP address and the corresponding location identified with GeoIP.

Our reference installation

goto www.avallain.comBy the worldwide locations of students in an online learning environment are visualized with "worldview".




Also available for your website

Install this attractive gadget on your website!
Even the locations of online users can be visualized easily and more.
Please contact us. 


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